Rotherfield Street

Rotherfield Street


Islington, 2023



Having lived in this compact one-bedroom flat for several years, the clients appointed the practice to increase the size of the kitchen and create a living space directly opening onto the garden. The brief also called for the entire refurbishment of the existing flat to optimise storage and circulation. Located in the Canonbury East Conservation area, the project resulted in a 20 square metre single storey extension spanning the full width of the rear elevation. Atelier Baulier removed an existing shed and the entire rear facade at lower ground floor level to combine the new and old areas. In order to give the owners extra breathing space, the existing floor level was lowered by 30cm and the garden excavated to add a sunken patio continuing seamlessly from the living-room.

“We always knew that so much more could be done with the space and when we met Aurore we were able to realise what we’d imagined. We wanted to connect the space with the outside; we’d always dreamed about opening the back doors to step into a lush, verdant garden. It was always about creating a calm, bright, open space that still had warmth, texture and softness; respecting the original architecture but also giving us more air and freedom to move, allowing us to have people join us for food and music and conversation. We wanted to do this with minimal impact, using recycled or natural materials where we could and ensuring all of the elements were there for a functional reason, not just for decoration, and that the space was flexible enough to allow it to change it as our lives changed.”