Graphic House

Graphic House

Office S&M

Hackney, 2023



Graphic House is an Edwardian home in Hackney that has been transformed by Office S&M to reflect the tastes of its graphic designer owners. The new design draws upon the client’s belief in the power of graphics and love of Art Deco forms, with distinct shapes used to connect spaces and bright colours to enhance every room.

A variety of colours have been used to help define key moments throughout the house and tell a story about the building’s purpose and history. For instance, a minty green tone is used as a graphic tool to highlight all the new-built elements on the ground floor, while where existing walls have been restored, the pink plaster has been left bare, indicating the house’s past and revealing the maker’s hand, as well as bringing warmth and softness to the space.

“If there were more stars we'd give them! We are delighted with the result, which has transformed our space into a happy, usable, fun place to live. We are so happy we found them, that they chose to work for us, and that we get to live in the result for years to come. :)”