DB Apartment

DB Apartment

Studio Hallett Ike

Islington, 2023



This double extension and refurbishment project introduces light and airy lateral living into a previously enclosed ground floor apartment. A clean and minimal design approach was taken, with an emphasis on high quality materials used considerately. Working within a set of tight parameters, the resulting architecture allows the homeowners to feel the breadth of the property, with physical connections into the garden from multiple aspects.

The project has increased the quality of life and liveability of space for the homeowners, with links through the property to enhance the sociability of spaces, whilst introducing hierarchies of use. 

With a tight construction cost the project adjusts and redefines the property by introducing two modest volumes that simultaneously link and harmonise the layout and aesthetics. Cost effective materials were used whilst careful details brings them up to a high quality standard

“We have gained so much in so many aspects from this project: much needed extra space, functionality and quality of the different rooms, and impeccable design details. All these together have improved our quality of life by making daily routines more enjoyable. Quality materials were prioritized over quantity of features. The steps down separate the rooms and make the transition between them feel more dynamic and interesting. It's amazing to see how the visual connection between those in the kitchen and those in the dining room has made the cooking ritual a moment for sharing, that with a kitchen this small is difficult to achieve. One of our favourite design details are the galvanized frames and fully galvanized main door, and how these marry with the dark charcoal bricks on the fa├žade.”