CLT House

Unknown Works

Waltham Forest, 2023

Unique Character Prize

CLT House is a renovation and extension project transforming a modest mid-century terrace into a bold and sustainable new home. The design, for a young family, makes extensive use of pre fabricated cross-laminated timber (CLT) construction, wrapping the interiors in warm, natural finished timber. At the same time, its exterior is painted a bright yellow, which marks a departure from the context’s norm, also clearly distinguishing between old and new.


“Unknown Works have laid the house out beautifully. It’s great to be able to open and close the spaces off and reconfigure them to suit what we’re up to. We opted to use materials that will develop a patina and age gracefully, even as they develop wear and tear. The stainless steel kitchen and concrete floors add an industrial character that we love, and the harshness of these materials is offset by the yellow CLT and warm timber. It’s a space that totally reflects our character.”