Kitchen in the Woods

A Small Studio

Southwark, 2023

Urban Oasis Prize

This home extension is an ecologically sympathetic design. The modernist house sits in a small oasis of protected woodland within the Dulwich Estate which is a conservation area in south London. The family wanted to add a fourth bedroom to the house but couldn’t extend upward due to the constraints of its conservation area. To carve an extra bedroom, the studio relocated the kitchen, where the family spent most of their time, from an enclosed room at the front overlooking the street to embrace the woods at the rear. The studio then converted the old kitchen into an new en-suite bedroom. It was paramount for the extension to have a light ecological impact that would avoid disturbing the abundant wildlife in the garden—including foxes, squirrels, birds, and bats.

“Our quality of life as a family has improved because we spend so much time together cooking in the kitchen and BBQing outside....and with this new design we are much more connected to the woodlands. I like being able to view the birds using my binoculars whist I am cooking in the kitchen- what a luxury to have this diversity in the heart of London!”