Colour Casing

District. Architects

Southwark, 2023

Under £100k Prize

The scheme sought to create the flexibility of a three bedroom two reception house within the footprint of an original small one bedroom flat with a new ground floor wrap around extension. The client sought to create such an arrangement to allow their family to remain within the area they live, work and love without needing to step up the property ladder to a higher value property. As such the addition is carefully considered to ensure the spaces are separate, unique to their own setting, yet always borrowing from adjacent spaces where needed. The use of colour was important to help give each space a minimal difference to the next with other finishes allowing it to subtly appear as a whole when required.

“Our family home is unrecognisable in contrast to its original condition. The space has been utterly transformed. I love how the design outlines shape, form, and structure with a bold colour palette that makes it a joyful place to live, whilst careful thought and considered details make the new, and refurbished spaces, practical and beautiful.”