Reimagine the Home

Reimagine the Home

by Ellie Davies

Over the years, we have emphasised successful ways to improve our homes, from remodelling and expanding spaces to accommodate a growing household to updating material interventions with an aesthetic agenda. Now, in the face of financial and environmental challenges, how are Londoners reimagining their homes?

The 2024 Don’t Move, Improve! programme responds to this year’s theme of ‘Reimagine the Home’ by celebrating the best home improvement projects that have significantly transformed the way the occupiers live – by futureproofing spaces, designing for adaptability, improving energy performance, and reimagining spaces through material and colour considerations. 

Our shortlisted and winning projects highlight the importance of homes as living spaces that are designed to last and reflect the diversity and character of London. This year’s projects also explore environmental leadership, cost-effective solutions, access to nature, designs that prioritise personality, ingenuity when working with tight space constraints and exceptional displays of craftsmanship. 

The competition is part of our annual programme that is made up of design consultations, networking events, a yearly publication and exhibition, and a dedicated website that celebrates the best domestic-scale designs across London promoting reimagining the home and supporting London’s architecture community.

Ellie Davies

Ellie Davies, Programme Manager, NLA