Fulfilling the needs of a greener conscience

Fulfilling the needs of a greener conscience

by Marie-Louise Schembri

Our homes serve as an extension of our behaviours, lifestyles, and preferences. The desire to relocate often stems from a mismatch between our living space and our needs. The transformative potential of smart and thoughtful renovations is profound, even in modest spaces. The essence of the 'Don't Move, Improve!' competition lies in the core belief that reimagining our homes is the key to enhancing our living experiences.

Last year's competition showcased exceptional entries, where innovative improvements were achieved on tight budgets. Stripping back to existing base materials, making subtle alterations, and embracing imaginative reuse took centre stage in these remarkable transformations. Notably, even when environmental considerations weren't initially part of the brief, they significantly influenced outcomes, showcasing architects' dedication to responsible design.

Looking ahead, I foresee greater achievements as homeowners increasingly recognise renovation as an opportunity to express and enable a sustainable lifestyle. The growing public awareness of the climate emergency has significantly influenced our collective consciousness over the past five years. As a new empowered and vocal generation emerges, their influence on reimagined homes will prioritise and fulfil the needs of a much greener conscience.

We need to shape homes that resonate with environmental mindfulness and lasting fulfilment.

Marie-Louise Schembri

Marie-Louise Schembri, Sustainability Director, Hilson Moran