Light Touch

Light Touch

Sophie Bates Architects

Richmond upon Thames, 2024


Situated in a cul de sac in Hampton, a 1960s bungalow has been extended and renovated to create a spacious, contemporary home. Bought by Hayley and Stephan during the second pandemic lockdown, the family was desperately seeking out a way to expand their space from their previous home.
Having had to shelter throughout the pandemic, the clients were also looking for a way to connect with nature and the wider world. Sophie Bates Architects helped the bungalow into an expansive, airy two-storey home that aligned with the family’s needs. By keeping elements of biophilic design principles in mind, the design has helped to enhance the family’s overall sense of wellbeing, showcasing the need to rethink the possibilities and preconceived notions of bungalows and their potential as family homes.

“Living in a SBA designed house is living a holiday, every day. The house is so deeply connected and visible to the nature outside that no matter what the weather we are constantly distracted by its drama and beauty. Then as dusk falls the house takes on a new deep, soothing mood. A variety of LED light sources drape the walls in a glowing ethereal haze. We pinch ourselves every day, we can't believe we're living in our dream home. All thanks to Sophie's meticulous detail to design and her talent for seeing the way geometrics, materials, sight lines, and light infuse a room so a house is a journey, a wonderful experience.”